Timber Frame Homes Are The Homes Of The Future

There is no doubt that timber frame homes are the homes of the future, they provide an excellent base for sustainable living. The timber frame is key to this advancement in sustainable living, it helps to reduce the carbon emissions of your home.

Timber frame homes have been key to the upsurge in carbon efficient homes around the world and in particular they have been

Timber frame homes are manufactured with wooden framing structures, where the beams are jointed together with various joints across the whole structure. They are then usually given a assessment, which is signed off by the new owner and then the rest of the house build can continue.

They are extremely popular in the USA and Canada which has seen a revival of timber frame construction since the 1970’s. Originally it could take time to build a timber frame home, however with modern improvements to processes and modern industrial equipment, the tools that they use have come on leaps and bounds and now the mass production machines of the modern age can manufacture the timber frame homes with apparent ease.

However, it is crucial that timber frame homes become as popular in the UK as elsewhere in Europe, because they are important in the development of carbon zero homes.

It is now the concern of many bodies in the UK and beyond that we have to take responsibility for our current and future CO2 emissions as only then can we believe ourselves that we are helping the planet by reducing the CO2 levels. Or so we hope!

The timber frame home is therefore the best economic solution for all when looking at the best and most sustainable way of self building your home. There are now several timber frame manufacturers who can help with the design of your timber frame home and we are sure that they can help.